Testing, Testing...Day 5 (A Little Late)

Please accept my apologies! If you were following my testing incentive posts, I am a week late with Day 5. I am not sure if it was because I was SOOOOOO excited to be finished with our standardized tests or what, but I am late. 

Testing Day #5...the race to the finish. (Or at least that is how I viewed my sweet students as I observed them taking their tests. You would have thought it was a race!) The last day of testing was over social studies content. While I feel certain my students were prepared for it, I am a little concerned at how soon they ALL finished. I know it was the last test they took, and I know they were tired of doing nothing except reading and answering questions. I understand their frustrations, as I was once a student myself. They flew through it and were ready for....drum roll, please...to go outside and run out all of their nervous energy! They all brought in their basketballs and footballs that morning, and when I greeted my homeroom students, they all wanted to make sure I was going to let them go outside after the "all clear" testing announcement was made. 

So, you guessed it! I hurried them out the door as fast as I could when the testing clearance was announced, and they ran and played for an hour until it was time to go to lunch. Luckily after lunch, they were tired and sleepy and compromised with a video. 

For their incentive on the last day, I filled a bucket of different candy and posted the "Wishing You Luck on the Test" printable. If you are looking for testing incentives to use in your classroom, check out my Motivational Ideas for Testing and Assessments Pack; your students will love them! 

This week we are back to grindstone, reviewing old content, previewing next year's content, and next week we will begin our last novel together. Stay tuned to more posts about "what happens after testing." 


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    1. Mine, too! It is the time I can do all of those "fun" activities that sometimes get put on hold so we can learn all of the standards.