Testing, Testing...Day 2

Day 2...Language Arts!

My students came in pumped and ready to go this morning. They knew they had prepared for their test, and they felt good about it. This is the first year our county has used the Common Core Standards, so where the students were feeling good about things, I was sweating bullets! Our test is also kept under lock and key, and we are never allowed to preview, see, or look at the test questions. This is a HUGE NO-NO in our county/state. Still sweating bullets! 

After the students began their test, I walked up and down the rows to make sure everyone was bubbling in their answers on the correct form. Although I did not (and repeat cannot) stop to read any test item, I did notice that it looked very long. When they were finished taking both sections of the test, they immediately said they felt good about it and that most of it seemed easy. I was relieved! 

For their little incentive today, I decided to give them bubble gum. They were given some before the test, during their break between section 1 and section 2, and some after they finished. This was a treat for them because they are never allowed to chew gum in my class...I despise cleaning it off of the carpet! 

This is how today's incentives were displayed. 

If you missed my Testing, Testing...Day 1 post, you missed where I get my incentives from. For my go-to resource for testing ideas and incentives, click HERE. There are 11 ideas to use, ready to print! They came in three different formats for each idea. 


  1. I've heard that the NEW common core assessments in the next year or so will be all computerized-even the written response part. AND it will be graded by computers! How scary is that???

    At least your kiddos felt good about it! :)


    1. I am very worried about that aspect of it. We have heard that, too, but we are still waiting to see who is going to supply all of the technology at schools who do not have many computer labs/computers for students to take the tests.