Magical Product Swap


It is that time again for the Magical Product SwapI had the pleasure of swapping with the wonderful Shannon Piles for this magical product swap. When I went to view her wonderful store products, it was such a difficult decision...she has so many fantastic items to choose from. I finally chose the Show Me the Money pack. This looked like the perfect item!

Because I do not teach math, I tested this wonderful product out on my young daughter. She loved it! She has not yet learned money in school, but she does know some from asking us questions about it. I used the first set of cards to test out on her. 

To begin with, I set out the recording sheet, the first set of cards that correlated with one another, a pencil, and some actual coins (I thought that with her age, it would be nice to touch, feel, and see the coin.). I showed her the first set of cards that were recorded on the sheet as an example. We walked through each card and talked about them. 

It was then time for her to do the second set of cards, still with my help. She did a great job; I attribute this to the fact that the cards are laid out wonderfully and the recording sheet was easy to follow. 

Below is a picture of her examining the actual coin to those on the card. I showed her how to look for certain characteristics of each coin. 

I let her complete the third card all by herself. I was one proud mommy! She did a great job, and then continued on with the other cards. 

This was a wonderful resource to use with my daughter. If you are a math teacher who teaches counting coins, this is one product you need to invest in for your students. It will keep them engaged in their learning while having fun. 

Please check out Shannon's TpT Store. I am certain you will find products to add to your resource collection. Also, check out her amazing blog If My Calculations Are Correct for ideas to use in your classroom. 

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