Testing, Testing...Day 1

(Today begins a series of testing posts. The posts will span our county's five day testing session.) 

It is that time of year again. Testing! Testing! Testing! My students have worked diligently and learned the standards for their content areas. We have been reviewing and setting more goals, as each student wants to excel and do his/her very best. 

Our county chose to test over five content areas during a two-week period. Day 1 tests Reading, Day 2 tests Language Arts, Day 3 (during the 2nd week) tests Math, Day 4 tests Science, and Day 5 tests Social Studies. The students are not fond of the two-week spread of testing, but I guess it helps prevent ultimate burnout! 

Today, my students took the Reading portion of the CRCT. They read for 70 minutes on Section 1 and answered questions. Then, they took a 10 minute brain break to recover. As soon as our break was over, they read for 70 more minutes and answered even more questions. As I observed them testing, I noticed each and every one of them was taking the necessary time to read, comprehend, and respond to the questions. I was so proud of them and their hard work today.

To get them motivated this morning, I placed a little incentive on their desks. Today they received "Good Luck on the Test 'Smartie' Pants." They loved them! And I had fun preparing the goodies. 

If you are interested in my "go-to" resource for testing incentives, clink HERE. In this resource, there are 11 motivational saying/incentives for testing. Simply print, add the candy, and give to your students. 

Tomorrow my students will take the Language Arts portion of the test. They are ready! I hope you will check back tomorrow to see the goodies they will receive. 


  1. Good luck on the testing. We take ours beginning May 6 for 4 days in a row. I've never made anything to give to the kids-GASP-but I just might do that this year!! :)


    1. Thank you! They love the goodies! Thank you for reading!