Martin Luther King, Jr.

During the month of January, we celebrate the life and contributions of Martin Luther King, Jr. Each year, the students enjoy learning about him, and it occurred to me one day they may like a more hands-on approach. And it worked! 

Every year when it gets time for planning resources for January, I always pull out this Martin Luther King, Jr. resource.  I added a flip-book activity (hands-on approach) that already includes biographical information about Dr. King. There are writing activities included in flip-book for students to complete after reading the information. 

The picture above shows the front of three pages. The other three pages are on the back. I included directions on how to print and copy the flip-book. You can choose to staple or not to staple the book...your choice. 

I printed my pages on white paper because I wanted to use colored pencils; however, you can use colored paper if you prefer. Either look great! 

This is a great way for students to interact with their reading. They will read a section (Early Life, Eduction, Civil Rights, Contribution, and His Legacy), and then they will have an opportunity to respond to a question. There are places throughout the flip-book for students to color the images. 

There are tons of other resources to use in this unit. There are two reading passages. One passage has comprehension questions, and one passages has open-ended response questions. There is an informational writing prompt complete with drafting pages, student writing checklist, and rubric. If your students need practice with ABC order, there is a page for that, too. There is an acrostic poem, a classroom activity, and a word search puzzle in this unit. 

If you are searching for something to add to your resources, check it out HERE

How do you teach about Martin Luther King, Jr. in your classes? 

Arctic Animals Freebie

What do adorable arctic animals and the alphabet have in common? They’re both part of the hottest freebie currently on - a marketplace for educational products! The Arctic Animals Handwriting Practice Manuscript is available to download FOR FREE right now.

c (10)

These adorable arctic animals are sure to get your kiddos excited about practicing the alphabet! This one is our most popular freebie right now. It is absolutely adorable!

What is it?

For parents and educators who are looking to help their children with handwriting, look no further than the Arctic animals handwriting practice manuscript. The free downloadable features handwriting lessons accompanied by cute cartoons of the most adorable arctic animals around. Polar bears, moose, narwhals, and more are all represented.

The sheets, which are perfect for children age 5-9, features over 30 downloadable pages of exercises covering the full alphabet, both upper and lower case, as well as the animals themselves. Instructions for kids are simple and clear, and can be re-printed for multiple lessons or children.

On a personal note, my second grader is using these during the break to practice her handwriting skills. She loves printouts, so these have been perfect for her to practice skills that are important.

Looking to further educate your kids about the arctic animals? This video showcases some of the cooler land and sea animals in the arctic, like the penguin or the seal. This video might be the perfect companion piece for children working on the manuscript.

Educents offers more than 400 freebies, many like these ABC worksheets, as well as other great educational items. Check it out and you're sure to find something you'll love.


What people are saying about the worksheets:

  • "These are cute. My kids get bored copying just the letters, but I bet they'll have fun writing the animal names.” - Mary J. via Facebook
  • "A very creative and helpful way for students to practice their handwriting!" - Maria  P. via Educents

It's a Fix!...Stitch Fix, That Is!

I admit, I am a little late to join the Stitch Fix train. It is not because I did not think the clothes I kept seeing people post on Facebook, Instagram, and their blogs were not totally cute...they were all totally cute! I just had a difficult time bringing myself to let someone who had never met me send me clothes. Would they fit? How could they possibly know what I would like? Eeek! 
Life has been crazy busy lately, and my wardrobe is long overdue for a refresher. So, I did it! I signed up for Stitch Fix. And it arrived...before the scheduled date! I was super-excited to drive in the drive-way and see a little box sitting there waiting for me. I couldn't wait to open it!

When I completed my online profile, I admit, I was a bit conservative. However, the "fix" was a perfect match for me. I was able to select a price range for each article of clothing (pants, shirts, shoes, etc.), and they stayed within that range. In a couple of instances, they were better than the price range I allocated (which was wonderful!). 

I wore this outfit on Christmas Eve. It was a pair of skinny jeans and loose-fitting plaid shirt. I love how both fit, and they were super comfy! (Photo credits go to my daughter.) 

Because I just got the first "fix" and I am on vacation, I have not had a chance to wear all of the pieces they sent. All of the pieces I received can be worn to school (Yay!). I will post pics each time I get a "fix" I love and would like to share. If you are on the fence about trying out Stitch Fix, I highly recommend you do it! I am glad I did! I am already looking forward to my January "Fix"!

I would love to hear from you. If you have tried Stitch Fix, what is your favorite item you have received? Do you have good Pinterest boards with fashion/clothing? If so, post a link to them below so we can check them out. 

Happy Teaching!

It's November

Wow! Can it really already be November? 

I am linking up with Farley's Currently for the November edition. 

It's November 1st, and the Hallmark Channel is already playing Christmas movies. I am a sucker for a good holiday movie, but it seems so early. Nevertheless, I watched...umm...three of them today, I think. I have been super lazy. 

It has also been raining here today, and I am so thankful because our little town needed the rain. Due to the rain and the movie-watching Sunday, I have loved snuggling with AC, my daughter. She seemed to be okay with the Christmas movies as she had fun telling me all that was going to be on her wish list this year. 

Since I have been lazy, I thought a lot about what my weekly to-do list is going to look like this week. Yikes! I better get busy. 

Tomorrow is my birthday, and my parents are cooking supper tonight. Mama always has the most delicious cake waiting, so I am so ready to go over there and taste it. 

The laundry pile has not been tended to this weekend, so it needs some attention. Maybe tonight. Maybe. 

My favorite Thanksgiving food is definitely pecan pie. I will share our family's recipe with you later in the month on a special blog post. You will not want to miss it!

I know I did a short blog post about this meet-up last week, but I wanted to include it again today. If you are in the south Georgia/north Florida area (or within driving distance) we would love to have you join us for a meet-up in Valdosta, Georgia. It is going to be a blast! 

Teacher Blogger Meet-Up

Calling all teachers, bloggers, and TpT authors who live in Georgia or Florida. Kayse Morris (Teaching on Less with Kayse Morris) and I are hosting a fabulous meet-up, and we want YOU to join us! We are thankful for the friendships we have made and thankful for TpT!

Here's the plan...We will meet on Saturday, November 21st in Valdosta at a restaurant right off I-75 and HWY 84 so it is easy to locate no matter which direction you are coming from. It is casual. We plan to meet around 11:30 and we can stay as long as we wish. We will eat (of course), chat, make new friends, share stories, share helpful hints, make new friends, maybe eat some more, take pics with our new friends, and leave feeling blessed. 

Seriously, we want you to join us in our first-ever Georgia/Florida meet-up. Email me at or leave your email address in the "comments" section below, and I will send you the detailed information. If you have any questions, send those to me, too. Also, please share with your friends. We cannot wait! 

You can also follow my Facebook page for updates. 

Ghostly Nouns

In an effort to get the kiddos excited about this week, check out GHOSTLY NOUNS to assess your students' knowledge and mastery of common nouns and proper nouns.  

In this activity, students sort the ghost cards into two separate stacks: common nouns and proper nouns. After all cards have been sorted, the students use the recording sheet to record the common nouns in one column and the proper nouns in the other column.  There is an answer sheet the students can use to check their own answers, or they can turn it in to be graded. 

This is great as a center activity, as independent work, or as collaborative pair work. For additional practice, there is a sheet for students to sort the common nouns and proper nouns on their own paper.

This is a quick, easy setup activity your students are sure to love! 

Check it out HERE!

Five Little Facts about Me

I thought it would be fun to link up with Teaching Autism for you to learn a  little bit more about me. I know I will occasionally post snapshots from my personal life, but I thought you might like to learn a five little facts about me you may not read in any other blog posts. 

#1 Sweet Tea, please!- I am from a small rural town in southwest Georgia. I am a lover of sweet tea, which I think comes with the territory of growing up in the South. I have visited many places, and only in the South can you order "real" sweet tea. I am talking cane sugar in the tea. It is the best! 

#2 Want-to-be Author- Becoming a published author has been a long-time dream of mind. I have notebooks full of beginnings to stories, endings to stories, and everything in between. I hope to one day publish a book. It is definitely on my bucket list!

#3 Lover of Sweets: Yep! Love them! I really wish I did not have this addiction, but it is something I just cannot seem to shake. Anything sweet...send it my way!

#4 Resource Hoarder: Why I think I have to keep every educational piece of paper I have ever used, I will never know. Is anyone else like me? I have a closet in my office that is complete...I mean completely...packed with lessons I may use again. The funny this is, I love to create. So I usually never get around to using older materials because I have created something new in its place. But I might need it one there any hope? 

#5 Runner: I am an avid runner. I love running to calm my nerves and take in some fresh air. I am training for a half-marathon that will be coming up in a few months. I've been running for as long as I can remember. My seven year old daughter seems to like it just as much as I do, so that is a plus!

Head on over to Teaching Autism's Blog to read fun facts about others in the blogging world!

Viva Las Vegas - The Experience of a Lifetime

What a wonderful, exciting, life-changing experience! The Teachers Pay Teachers team did not disappoint! I met so many new people, finally got to put an actual face with a name, and learned so much. I am so thankful I was able to go this year (I missed it last year and was so bummed!). 

When I think about what I enjoyed the most, hands down it was the people...the TpT team, the teacher-authors, the bloggers...simply put, the people. I was given the opportunity to help lead a networking session on Thursday. It was awesome! It was exceeded my expectations! The other leaders were great to work with, and I enjoyed meeting and greeting everyone who came (that I could get around to...there were more who came than I truly expected). "The Others", as the secondary sellers have been called, rocked it out! I think everyone left knowing more people to collaborate with and knowing what our goals are now. 

The Fabulous Secondary Networking Leaders

Wednesday was filled with Meet and Greets. I was able to sneak in two of them. Kayse Morris and Literary Sherri hosted the Cool Kids Meet and Greet. It was a wonderful time to get to know some new people before the conference started. I even took the hubby so he could meet some of the people he hears me constantly (and I mean constantly) talk about everyday. 

Literary Sherri, Kayse Morris, and me at the Cool Kids Meet and Greet

After dinner and socializing at the Cool Kids Meet and Greet, we headed to the Blogger Meet-up. WOW! There were approximately 1,100 people there! All in one room! It was crazy but awesome! I enjoyed meeting tons of people. The bloggers who put it on worked super hard. Over $55,000 of prizes were awarded. Yes, that's right...over $55,000. 

There were two people who I desperately (seriously, though) wanted to meet while I was there. One was Amy. She is our new Director of Seller Happiness, and the title could not be more perfect! She is the one who graciously answers all of our questions, always with kindness. She just lights up the room when she walks in and makes you want to smile. I got to first meet Amy at the Cool Kids Meet and Greet. Then I was able to talk with her a little here and there on the other days. She is fabulous! 

Amy, the Director of Seller Happiness

The other person I wanted to meet was probably on most people's list, too. Deanna Jump. She is one of the one's whose name launched TpT into a new era. And she is so nice. I cannot tell you how many photos were taken with her over the course of the week, but she did so without any reservation. Thank you, Deanna!

Deanna Jump and me

As the conference was winding down for me, it occurred to me that people are the most important thing. I hope to take the new bonds forged and continue this journey with some of the most wonderful, inspiring people I know. So for me, the best part of the conference was the people. 

Please head over the Viva Las Vegas Linky to read all about everyone else's experiences. Thank you to the Elementary Entourage for hosting this linky! 

Descriptive Writing with Legos

When you think of writing, what stands out in your mind? Is it the words you weave together to create the perfect prose? Is it the revision process that seems to never end? Is it the teeth grinding type of memory? Or is it the wonderful feeling you get when you complete something that was completely fun? 

Teaching writing can be difficult at times. Motivating students to write can seem even harder. So, how do you get the students motivated to write? 

One tried and true writing lesson I have used is the Lego writing activity. The students absolutely love it, and they generate lots of talk in the hallway. If you have not used Legos or blocks in your classroom, read on. 

This activity is a collaborative group activity; students are divided into groups of three and assigned a job title/task to complete during the assignment. This keeps all students actively engaged and contributing to the overall product. The three jobs are recorder, designer, and contractor. 

After all jobs are chosen or assigned, I tell the students they have a super task to complete. They have to design and construct a functional item with the materials found in their group container. Not only will they just design and construct a functional item, but they will also have to write detailed instructions for other groups to be able to complete the construction of their item. Writing assignment sheets are passed out, and the students' eyes get bigger as they learn the materials are Legos (or building blocks, whatever you have on hand). 

Soon, it looks like an explosion of colors as the Legos go all over the floor and desks. I usually have to take a deep breath to regain my composure (I like order, structure, and neatness.), but it is definitely worth all of the mini-anxiety attacks I go through for them to really love the activity. 

Here is glimpse into the beginning of the assignment. 

Here, the students are making lots of progress, and the recorder is jotting down detailed instructions. 

This is a finished product from one group. It is a garage that houses a utility vehicle. 

If you are interested in implementing this activity in your classroom, click HERE. This resource provides teaching tips, writing assignment sheet, writing papers, rubric, and job titles. It is a lesson your students will remember for a lifetime!

America the Beautiful

America, how I love you so! All of the news lately, the bickering on social media, the lack of tolerance for one another has really been on my mind the past few weeks. As Americans set aside this day to celebrate and enjoy the liberties and freedoms granted to us, I think we should pause and count our blessings. 

Freedom. One single word with such a profound impact. Freedom to choose to pray, to speak, to assemble, or to seek happiness. Freedom has not come to us without a price. The price many have had to pay for us to have said freedoms is beyond my comprehension. Those who fought toe to toe on the front lines did so with a passion and desire to allow America to be America. 

Love. In the media we are shown the hate, the hurt, and the tales of hard times. What many news outlets fail to portray is love. Love for others, love for our country, and love for a brighter tomorrow. I believe America was founded on love just as much as it was for liberty. 

Family. This can be a narrow or broad as you want to make it. Immediate family, extended family, community, city, state, and country. I am so thankful we live in a country where we are free to extend our hearts to those everywhere. 

Today I will choose to be thankful for the freedoms I enjoy, for the love I am able to give and receive, and for my family members (both near and far). But most importantly, I am thankful to wake up and enjoy this beautiful country I call home. 

What does July 4th mean to you?

Five for Friday

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the fabulous Five for Friday! Whew, it's been a week! It has been a good week, but it has definitely been a busy one! 

We just returned home from our little beach vacay! The weather was perfect and the company was even better. It was nice to get away and relax a bit. At one point I did think I was going to lose my mind...there was no WiFi! What? I know! I had to drive down the street just to be able to answer a few pressing emails; however, it was nice not to be glued to a device the entire time. 

Upon returning from our trip, we stopped by the house we are renovating. I was so happy to see my dad had surprised us with reclaimed wood for our sunroom. Prior to leaving for our trip, we had discussed options. Part of the wall would be sheetrock, but we really wanted something different on the bottom. Well, he found some over 100 years old, and it was up (not finished, of course) when we returned. It is going to look so pretty when we finish this room. I think it might just wind up being my favorite room of the house. 

This is just a pic of a pretty rainbow from our back yard. It has been raining at home off and on for the past several weeks. This pic does not do the rainbow justice. 

I had a new logo designed by RebeccaB Designs. I love it! She was so easy to work with, and I highly recommend her! She also designed these business cards to incorporate the new logo. I love them, too! The UPS man just delivered them last night. 


There is a conference coming up in a few weeks that Michele Luck and her hubby Steve will attend. While they are there, they will hand out goody bags to administrators and teachers trying to spread the word about TpT. I put together this little mini-book to go in the goody bags. I am impressed with myself because I am usually late getting promotional items together and mailed. 

I hope you have a wonderful, safe weekend!

Happy Teaching!