Viva Las Vegas - The Experience of a Lifetime

What a wonderful, exciting, life-changing experience! The Teachers Pay Teachers team did not disappoint! I met so many new people, finally got to put an actual face with a name, and learned so much. I am so thankful I was able to go this year (I missed it last year and was so bummed!). 

When I think about what I enjoyed the most, hands down it was the people...the TpT team, the teacher-authors, the bloggers...simply put, the people. I was given the opportunity to help lead a networking session on Thursday. It was awesome! It was exceeded my expectations! The other leaders were great to work with, and I enjoyed meeting and greeting everyone who came (that I could get around to...there were more who came than I truly expected). "The Others", as the secondary sellers have been called, rocked it out! I think everyone left knowing more people to collaborate with and knowing what our goals are now. 

The Fabulous Secondary Networking Leaders

Wednesday was filled with Meet and Greets. I was able to sneak in two of them. Kayse Morris and Literary Sherri hosted the Cool Kids Meet and Greet. It was a wonderful time to get to know some new people before the conference started. I even took the hubby so he could meet some of the people he hears me constantly (and I mean constantly) talk about everyday. 

Literary Sherri, Kayse Morris, and me at the Cool Kids Meet and Greet

After dinner and socializing at the Cool Kids Meet and Greet, we headed to the Blogger Meet-up. WOW! There were approximately 1,100 people there! All in one room! It was crazy but awesome! I enjoyed meeting tons of people. The bloggers who put it on worked super hard. Over $55,000 of prizes were awarded. Yes, that's right...over $55,000. 

There were two people who I desperately (seriously, though) wanted to meet while I was there. One was Amy. She is our new Director of Seller Happiness, and the title could not be more perfect! She is the one who graciously answers all of our questions, always with kindness. She just lights up the room when she walks in and makes you want to smile. I got to first meet Amy at the Cool Kids Meet and Greet. Then I was able to talk with her a little here and there on the other days. She is fabulous! 

Amy, the Director of Seller Happiness

The other person I wanted to meet was probably on most people's list, too. Deanna Jump. She is one of the one's whose name launched TpT into a new era. And she is so nice. I cannot tell you how many photos were taken with her over the course of the week, but she did so without any reservation. Thank you, Deanna!

Deanna Jump and me

As the conference was winding down for me, it occurred to me that people are the most important thing. I hope to take the new bonds forged and continue this journey with some of the most wonderful, inspiring people I know. So for me, the best part of the conference was the people. 

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  1. I agree. The best part of the conference was definitely the people.
    Grade School Giggles

  2. Love your post! And I loved meeting everyone!

  3. Looks like a fabulous time! Amy looks so wonderful....what a perfect job title! I hope I can make it next year!

    Mind Sparks