Five Little Facts about Me

I thought it would be fun to link up with Teaching Autism for you to learn a  little bit more about me. I know I will occasionally post snapshots from my personal life, but I thought you might like to learn a five little facts about me you may not read in any other blog posts. 

#1 Sweet Tea, please!- I am from a small rural town in southwest Georgia. I am a lover of sweet tea, which I think comes with the territory of growing up in the South. I have visited many places, and only in the South can you order "real" sweet tea. I am talking cane sugar in the tea. It is the best! 

#2 Want-to-be Author- Becoming a published author has been a long-time dream of mind. I have notebooks full of beginnings to stories, endings to stories, and everything in between. I hope to one day publish a book. It is definitely on my bucket list!

#3 Lover of Sweets: Yep! Love them! I really wish I did not have this addiction, but it is something I just cannot seem to shake. Anything sweet...send it my way!

#4 Resource Hoarder: Why I think I have to keep every educational piece of paper I have ever used, I will never know. Is anyone else like me? I have a closet in my office that is complete...I mean completely...packed with lessons I may use again. The funny this is, I love to create. So I usually never get around to using older materials because I have created something new in its place. But I might need it one there any hope? 

#5 Runner: I am an avid runner. I love running to calm my nerves and take in some fresh air. I am training for a half-marathon that will be coming up in a few months. I've been running for as long as I can remember. My seven year old daughter seems to like it just as much as I do, so that is a plus!

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  1. Thank you for taking part !! Fingers crossed you achieve your dream of publishing a book - I will have to keep my eye out to see your name crop up anywhere! Resource hoarder here too! Although I am getting much better at throwing stuff out, I'm trying to live by "out with the old, in with the new" - it doesn't always work but i'm getting there slowly! :)

    Teaching Autism

    1. Thank you for hosting the link up! I am on Fall Break this week, so I told myself I would devote some time to getting rid of some of the "old". I have not lived up to that yet, but there are still a few days left. :)

  2. Andrea- Perhaps someday you will publish those books. I hope so! I think being a hoarder of educational "stuff" is in the teacher never know when one child might need something and you know you have it somewhere!!! It was great getting to know you! Enjoy your TpT journey!

  3. Thanks for sharing. Being from the South, not living in the North I truly miss my sweet tea. Sigh... Best of luck with your writing. As a reader, I cannot imagine the journey of writing a novel. A long and winding (but rewarding) road I a sure.