America the Beautiful

America, how I love you so! All of the news lately, the bickering on social media, the lack of tolerance for one another has really been on my mind the past few weeks. As Americans set aside this day to celebrate and enjoy the liberties and freedoms granted to us, I think we should pause and count our blessings. 

Freedom. One single word with such a profound impact. Freedom to choose to pray, to speak, to assemble, or to seek happiness. Freedom has not come to us without a price. The price many have had to pay for us to have said freedoms is beyond my comprehension. Those who fought toe to toe on the front lines did so with a passion and desire to allow America to be America. 

Love. In the media we are shown the hate, the hurt, and the tales of hard times. What many news outlets fail to portray is love. Love for others, love for our country, and love for a brighter tomorrow. I believe America was founded on love just as much as it was for liberty. 

Family. This can be a narrow or broad as you want to make it. Immediate family, extended family, community, city, state, and country. I am so thankful we live in a country where we are free to extend our hearts to those everywhere. 

Today I will choose to be thankful for the freedoms I enjoy, for the love I am able to give and receive, and for my family members (both near and far). But most importantly, I am thankful to wake up and enjoy this beautiful country I call home. 

What does July 4th mean to you?

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