Martin Luther King, Jr.

During the month of January, we celebrate the life and contributions of Martin Luther King, Jr. Each year, the students enjoy learning about him, and it occurred to me one day they may like a more hands-on approach. And it worked! 

Every year when it gets time for planning resources for January, I always pull out this Martin Luther King, Jr. resource.  I added a flip-book activity (hands-on approach) that already includes biographical information about Dr. King. There are writing activities included in flip-book for students to complete after reading the information. 

The picture above shows the front of three pages. The other three pages are on the back. I included directions on how to print and copy the flip-book. You can choose to staple or not to staple the book...your choice. 

I printed my pages on white paper because I wanted to use colored pencils; however, you can use colored paper if you prefer. Either look great! 

This is a great way for students to interact with their reading. They will read a section (Early Life, Eduction, Civil Rights, Contribution, and His Legacy), and then they will have an opportunity to respond to a question. There are places throughout the flip-book for students to color the images. 

There are tons of other resources to use in this unit. There are two reading passages. One passage has comprehension questions, and one passages has open-ended response questions. There is an informational writing prompt complete with drafting pages, student writing checklist, and rubric. If your students need practice with ABC order, there is a page for that, too. There is an acrostic poem, a classroom activity, and a word search puzzle in this unit. 

If you are searching for something to add to your resources, check it out HERE

How do you teach about Martin Luther King, Jr. in your classes? 

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