Happy New Year!

I hope you rang in the new year in whatever style best suited you! I know I could not have wanted to spend my night any other way. I was with my husband and daughter...a nice, quiet night for us. There are years when we are more active, but this year, we chose to spend it at home. It was a great change of pace. 

Listening: It has been raining in south Georgia for several days now. In fact, many are facing flooding. I pray the waters do not get any higher for those living on or near the river. 

Loving: This break has been wonderful! I normally fill every break I have full of things to do. This time we choose a couple of things we really wanted to do, but then spent time just being together. It has been absolutely the best yet! 

Thinking: Although I know it is time, Monday morning is going to be so hard. Just getting back into a routine and the alarm clock. I am sure a lot of us are in the same situation. :) 

Wanting: We started renovating a house last spring. We sold our home of ten years at the beginning of December, and the other house is not finished. It is time to really kick it in high gear to get the reno project completed. 

Needing: I have to plan our summer vacation. I also need to plan our trip to Disney/TpT conference this summer. 

One Little Word: My OLW for 2016 is 'live'. I chose this word because I want to live each day without any regrets...to the fullest. I don't want to look back and realize I missed something that I cannot get back. That is what I am focusing on this year. 

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  1. I love your word! Such an incredible way to live, without any regrets. I am thinking about turning the TpT conference into a Disney trip, too. I haven't been before, but really want to make it happen this year! Happy new year. :)

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  2. I have been loving the break, too and am also not looking forward to reality hitting on Monday morning! Good luck with your house renovation and your summer plans! I don't think I'll be able to afford the trip to Orlando this year.
    Always Kindergarten

  3. I think Monday is going to be hard for all of us! I've started getting emails from my principal already ( and a few parents) and I so just want to ignore them until the last possible minute!

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