Testing, Testing...Day 3

Today marked the third testing day for my sweet darlings. They are officially more than half-way finished with testing! Hooray! Today's test was the mathematics portion of the test. They worked their fingers to the bone coming up with their answers. I always love to see my students work hard and feel good about their work.
Because it was the third day and half-way point in the testing, I decided I wanted them to know that I was cheering for them 100%. I put Cheerios in ziplock bags for the students to eat during their break to fuel their brains. They enjoyed their snack and were very appreciative.
If you need ideas for testing incentives, check out my Testing Incentives and Motivational Ideas for Assessments pack for a resource to use throughout the year, year after year. 


  1. I'm sure they loved the cheerios and the thought even more! :)

    Our testing begins May 6th-thank goodness it's later than it used to be which was March! We have had almost the whole year to teach. :)

    I Run Read Teach

  2. I wish our testing was later so we would have a little bit more time to get some more teaching in and review. Also, now I have to come up with some really fun activities to do with them for the rest of the year. We get out May 23rd. They tend to think school is over after testing. I wish you and your students much luck on your tests!