How Would You Like a Freebie?

I am not sure when you return to school, but we are back at it on Monday. The students return on Tuesday. Here is a writing freebie that is super easy to implement into any lesson all you have to do it print it out for each student. 

It includes a graphic organizer for the students think put their thoughts on paper, and then there is a writing paper where they use their ideas from the organizer to writing an organized journal entry. I have had this freebie in my TpT store for a year, but I just updated it to also include a template for the students to use in their interactive notebooks. You could really use this freebie as two separate writing entries for your first week back...with no stress or prep on your part. 

I would love to know when you are heading back to work. Leave a comment below and where you are from so we can see what everyone is doing. Happy Teaching this Year!!!


  1. I'm in FL and will be going back to school Monday too! I will definitely check out your freebie! Thanks!

    Mrs. Spangler in the Middle

    1. I hope you have a great first week back!


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