Writing through January

I have done a complete overhaul on all of my monthly writing bundles...in fact, I have not uploaded all of the months yet because I am editing all of them. However, the January Writing Bundle is up and ready for you! I think you will find these bundles are wonderful resources to have in your possession. 

In each writing bundle, you will find 20 journal topics for the month. The journal topics come in two formats: (1) two journals per page complete with a journal cover page to make into a booklet or insert into a binder and (2) cut-and-paste topics to add into a notebook. You choose which format works best for your classroom!

Also included are three essay prompts. There is one informational prompt, one argumentative prompt, and one narrative prompt. You will get a writing prompt page with an organizer for the students to organize their thoughts, writing papers, and a scoring rubric. 

Below are some pics of what you might find in the writing bundle. I hope you will check it out!


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