Oh, How I Love Penguins!

Whenever I think of winter, I think of penguins! I think those little creatures are so cute! In addition to being super cute, they even made them tap dance...I am a tap dance teacher, so that just made my day!

I created a Penguin Noun Activity that helps students demonstrate mastery at identifying singular nouns and plural nouns. The students sort the noun cards into singular nouns and plural nouns, record the nouns on the recording sheet, and celebrate their successes!

I was able to teach my daughter a lesson on singular and plural nouns. I set her work table up, and we were ready to begin. She was so eager to learn, it brought a gigantic smile to my face.

After her lesson, she began sorting the nouns into the two piles. She was so proud of herself (and I was one proud mommy) that she got all of them correct the first time.

She then began to record her sorted nouns into the correct columns. AC took her time writing down every word as neatly as she could.

She loved this activity. It is work wonderfully as a center activity in your classroom if you teach singular and plural nouns. To take a closer look at the resource, click HERE. There are two additional worksheets to use with this resource.

Do you have a favorite winter activity you like to use in your classroom? Tell us in the comments below.

Happy Teaching!

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