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Teachers Help Teachers

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As I was watching the news footage of Sandy sweep through the Northeast last week, my heart went out for all of those affected by such as powerful natural disaster. I thought about what I would do in their shoes, how I would conduct myself, how I would pick up the pieces and move one, what it would take to provide for my family, and many more. Then, I began to think about all of those kids who would miss their daily meals and encouragement with schools being closed. My heart just broke (and still does) for all of those affected.

I read on the forum where LauraJ was organizing a wonderful project: Teachers Helping Teachers. It did not take another thought, and I immediately signed up for this worthy cause.

If you are an educator and have online materials that you would like to donate please go to Teachers Help Teachers Blog Article and donate some of your wonderful resources to help the teachers who lost everything get some much needed resources.

If you are an educator and in the affected area, please go to I Need Help section and fill out the information so you can receive some great donated resources.

Let's all say a daily prayer that all electricity will be restored, rescue teams can continue doing their fine work, all flooding stops, and the people can begin to rest easier at night. Have a wonderful weekend!

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