Teacher Blogger Meet-Up

Calling all teachers, bloggers, and TpT authors who live in Georgia or Florida. Kayse Morris (Teaching on Less with Kayse Morris) and I are hosting a fabulous meet-up, and we want YOU to join us! We are thankful for the friendships we have made and thankful for TpT!

Here's the plan...We will meet on Saturday, November 21st in Valdosta at a restaurant right off I-75 and HWY 84 so it is easy to locate no matter which direction you are coming from. It is casual. We plan to meet around 11:30 and we can stay as long as we wish. We will eat (of course), chat, make new friends, share stories, share helpful hints, make new friends, maybe eat some more, take pics with our new friends, and leave feeling blessed. 

Seriously, we want you to join us in our first-ever Georgia/Florida meet-up. Email me at a_m_bentley@yahoo.com or leave your email address in the "comments" section below, and I will send you the detailed information. If you have any questions, send those to me, too. Also, please share with your friends. We cannot wait! 

You can also follow my Facebook page for updates. 

Ghostly Nouns

In an effort to get the kiddos excited about this week, check out GHOSTLY NOUNS to assess your students' knowledge and mastery of common nouns and proper nouns.  

In this activity, students sort the ghost cards into two separate stacks: common nouns and proper nouns. After all cards have been sorted, the students use the recording sheet to record the common nouns in one column and the proper nouns in the other column.  There is an answer sheet the students can use to check their own answers, or they can turn it in to be graded. 

This is great as a center activity, as independent work, or as collaborative pair work. For additional practice, there is a sheet for students to sort the common nouns and proper nouns on their own paper.

This is a quick, easy setup activity your students are sure to love! 

Check it out HERE!

Five Little Facts about Me

I thought it would be fun to link up with Teaching Autism for you to learn a  little bit more about me. I know I will occasionally post snapshots from my personal life, but I thought you might like to learn a five little facts about me you may not read in any other blog posts. 

#1 Sweet Tea, please!- I am from a small rural town in southwest Georgia. I am a lover of sweet tea, which I think comes with the territory of growing up in the South. I have visited many places, and only in the South can you order "real" sweet tea. I am talking cane sugar in the tea. It is the best! 

#2 Want-to-be Author- Becoming a published author has been a long-time dream of mind. I have notebooks full of beginnings to stories, endings to stories, and everything in between. I hope to one day publish a book. It is definitely on my bucket list!

#3 Lover of Sweets: Yep! Love them! I really wish I did not have this addiction, but it is something I just cannot seem to shake. Anything sweet...send it my way!

#4 Resource Hoarder: Why I think I have to keep every educational piece of paper I have ever used, I will never know. Is anyone else like me? I have a closet in my office that is complete...I mean completely...packed with lessons I may use again. The funny this is, I love to create. So I usually never get around to using older materials because I have created something new in its place. But I might need it one day...is there any hope? 

#5 Runner: I am an avid runner. I love running to calm my nerves and take in some fresh air. I am training for a half-marathon that will be coming up in a few months. I've been running for as long as I can remember. My seven year old daughter seems to like it just as much as I do, so that is a plus!

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