Spring Fever...Who Has It?

It is not "officially" spring just yet, but I know that I am starting to feel the need for a little warmer temperatures, blooming flowers,  and flip-flops. We are two weeks out from our spring break, and the students are ready. The teachers are ready, and the administration is ready. It seems like everyone is getting a little spring fever.

To help a little with the spring fever we are all feeling, some friends and I are having sales at our stores March 17th and 18th. We are discounting all of our products this Sunday and Monday. We have everyeday items, test prep sets, clipart, and much more. Check it out! Below you will find the links to their stores.

I hope you take the time to visit each store and follow them if you are not already following them. I hope everyone has a super Saturday!

March Currently

I cannot tell you how much I look forward to Farley's Currently Post every month. I love thinking about my own answers and reading everyone else's responses. If you have not participated yet, hop on over to her blog and check it out. It is lots of fun, and you learn a lot about other bloggers.

Listening: I am currently listening to Disney Junior playing in the living room. I can also here the fire crackling in the fireplace. It is going to be a cold weekend.

Loving: I am loving that today is Saturday and I can finally relax after a long week of teaching and meetings. I love my kiddos, but I love my weekend time, too!

Thinking: I am currently (and have been for the past couple of weeks) thinking about our upcoming standardized tests that we will administer in a month. I know that my students have been taught every standard and have shown mastery in the classroom, but I always worry about test anxiety and tricky questions. I want my students to be able to show the state everything that they do know.

Wanting: I want warmer weather! The cold air makes for miserable duty posts at break. I am a warm-weather-kind-of-gal!

Needing: I need spring break to get here quickly! I am hoping that when we are off for spring break, the weather is warmer so I can enjoy a few days at the beach with my family.

Like, Love, Hate: I like apples! I love accessories! I hate arachnids! (For this response, you have to use the first letter in your first name to come up with your list of three things.)