Career Shadow Day

Today was a fun, exciting day for our 8th graders. They were shipped out into the "working world" as soon as the attendance was taken this morning. I was lucky enough to get to go visit some of our students out in the various businesses that allowed our students to come into their places of business and get their feet wet. Some of the places and businesses the students were placed at were dentist offices, hair salons, local hospital, EMS, local newspaper, vet's office, computer programming company, two local pharmacies, welding shop, automotive collision center, construction, police department, probation office, physical therapy office, feed store, and several others.

Our school counselor distributed a survey to the students several weeks ago. The students were to complete the survey so that we could get some idea of their career aspirations and try to place them in a place similar to their desired future career. I know that she worked very hard trying to make those placements so they would best fit each individual student. They showed up to school this morning with smiles that were trying to hide their fears, but they returned with smiles of confidence.

Upon arrival back at school, they were ALL so excited. You could hear their stories floating throughout the air. They were all extremely happy that they were able to go shadow professionals in our community, ask essential questions about the business/occupation, and receive hands-on experience at the job. Any day you have that many students excited is a great day in education!

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  1. Sounds like a fun and educational day for the kids! Our district does a similar activity in Grade 9. It's called "Take Your Kids to Work" Day and the kids look forward to it all year.

    Great start to your new blog! I'm now a follower... there aren't as many of us at the Middle School level - it's nice to find a new blog!

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