July Currently

I am joining Farley's Currently Party! I am so happy to be back! I have been MIA lately...too many papers to write and too many articles to read. But I am happy to be back to share with you what I have been doing. 

Listening: My daughter is watching Pirate Fairy for the thousandth time. She loves it just about as much as she loves the Frozen movie and soundtrack. I am confident that I know every single word to all of those songs. :) 

Loving: I am loving spending time with my daughter. She turned six in June (post about party coming soon), and that just makes me happy and sad at the same time. I am happy because she is starting to become her own personality, but I am sad because I no longer have a "baby." 

Thinking: That pile of dissertations and research articles in my office just keeps growing. I need to get in there and get busy. This is my last time going back to school, and my husband is so thrilled that after I earn this degree, there are no more educational degrees to earn for me. He has been super supportive and has been very tolerant of my "love for learning" over the years; however, I know he will be so happy when it is all completed. 

Wanting: I want a pedicure. I started back running (slow and steady), and I just want one. 

Needing: My closet is out of control. I need to get in there and organize it asap! No other explanations needed. 

Fourth of July Plans: My sister and her husband always host the 4th of July party. It will be a fun time with family and friends...along with a lot of swimming, sliding (big inflatable slide intended for the kids, but the adults take over), and food. I hope everyone has a fun, safe holiday!