What's the Big Deal Anyway?

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September Currently

Hello, September! I cannot believe it is already September! We have been back in school for almost one month now, and the time seems to be flying by quickly. Once again, I have linked up with Farley's Currently Linky!

My little family went to the beach this weekend. We had a fabulous time, and the weather was perfect. I think it rained at our house the entire time we were gone, so I was glad that we took the opportunity to have one last little getaway before the cooler weather comes. Since we had today off from school, I told my daughter that she had to go through her toys and pick the ones she wanted to give away to other boys and girls. She is having a hard time parting with any of them, even the ones that have been at the bottom of her toy box and have not seen the light of day in forever. 

I really need to finish some projects I have already started. I am really good about starting projects around the house and not 100% finishing them. I have to finish them now so I can move onto something else. I also have a few TpT projects that I have been working on, and I think they are going to be great!

There are several things I need to do: 1) I need to run at least four times per week. I have not been doing this, and I need to because I always feel better. 2) I definitely need to drink more water. and 3) I need to begin shopping for Christmas. I know, it is only September. But I need to get busy picking up a present here and there so I won't feel so overwhelmed when December comes. I would like to enjoy the holiday season this year without having to worry about shopping, wrapping, etc. 

I hope everyone has a fantastic week!