Reflection Time

I am back from our family vacation. I definitely needed it so that I could unwind, reflect on this past school year, and get my mind focused on tasks that I want and need to accomplish this summer. Here are some thoughts from my reflection:

1. Spend less time worrying! If you are anything like me, I worry all school year. I worry about my students learning the material. I worry whether or not I am presenting and teaching the material in a manner that my students understand and retain it. I worry about end-of-the-year test scores. Why? I know it seems silly, but I feel that if my students do not perform well on the tests, then I have not done my job. I realize it is only one day that they take the test, and that there are 179 others days the students spend learning, but I still worry. I worry about some of my students when they go home at night. I want them in a safe, nurturing home with food, loving parent(s), support, and encourgagement. I know these environmental factors are out of my control, but I love my students and want them safe. I am vowing to not worry as much about things that I cannot control.

2. Listen to my students more! During the school day, it is easy to get swept away with all the things that "need to get done" that when a student comes into my room during planning time, I catch myself half-listening. This is horrible! I need to do better. Obviously, when a student chooses to enter a teacher's classroom during a break, my ears need to be very attentive.

3. Stay positive! There are times in the school year when I feel that the atmosphere turns from a very positive place to one where negativity begins to creep into the picture. If I see this happen this upcoming school year, I pledge to divert the negativity back to its rightful place (not in my atmosphere) by trying to be the positive light for others.

4. Have fun! I love teaching my students! I refuse to let worry and negativity impact my ideal job. I will plan fun, creative lessons that both the students and I will enjoy. When kids have fun learning, they are more apt to actually learn the information and be able to use it later in life.

What are some of your reflections from your school year?